Top Reasons to choose Summer Camp at Adirondack Woodcraft Camps

The magic of summer camp at Adirondack Woodcraft Camps stretches over fields and forest and fills the space between. You can hear it in the whisper of the pines, the giggles in the cabins, and the swoosh of a paddle. You can see it in the smile of an understanding counselor and the star-filled night sky. It's in the way you're encouraged and the way you try. It's the friend you've become and the pride you take home. Below are a few reasons that make Adirondack Woodcraft Camps extra special!


Woodcraft is a small, private summer camp and we are a friendly and easy going bunch. No stress. Lots of fun! We're the opposite of overwhelming. Our counselors are responsible, caring and awesome at helping our campers reach out, branch out and make new connections. Campers across all age groups get to know each other during fun all camp activities and community traditions like campfire, trip days, Woodcup, carnival, and around the table at mealtimes. Our camp directors are very involved in day to day camp life and can often be found at activities checking in on and getting to know each camper. We all become friends in no time and stay camp family forever.


We unplug and have a lot of fun at camp without the stress and constant tug of electronic devices. While always counselor supervised, it's amazing to see the creativity campers show and the fun they have together as they build invaluable social skills during activities and "down times" like before mealtime or bedtime. Instead of staring at screens, you'll find Woodcrafters playing cards, laughing at each other's jokes, reading a book under a great big tree, or playing any number of field games. You might find them starting a craft, strumming a guitar or gazing at the stars. We're glad to be the device police to give our Woodcrafters the chance to connect to self, friends and the beautiful natural world around them while they are here!


Our mission is to help kids find courage, build resilience, and learn to care for themselves, each other and the natural world around them. We have so much fun achieving this by way of teaching traditional on camp activity skills and getting our Woodcrafters out on the trails, rivers and lakes and in tents under the Adirondack sky. We feel we achieve a great balance of "serious" and fun with our program that started all the way back in 1925! 


Our camp is safe and private on 250 pristine acres of field and forest that surround our very own two small lakes. This means that once on camp, your child never has to cross any roads or share any lake, beach front, field or woods with outside parties or the general public. At the same time, we are not too remote! Just 7 miles away is the town of Old Forge, NY where we have access to a health center, dentist, and emergency services.