"My daughter went to this camp for the first time this summer and absolutely loved it. She will definitely be going back next summer. The camp directors Christina and Doug Bartlett never tire in their efforts to make the campers happy and safe! My daughter bonded with her cabin friends and her counselors very quickly. When I picked her up after her 2 week Rookie program she was in tears - not wanting to leave her new friends. I am so happy that she found someplace where she felt so comfortable. She raves about her experiences such as camping out, earning badges and the water front activities but also loved the food. It is a well rounded positive experience for kids. We love Woodcraft!" --Laura Sullivan (West Windsor, NJ)

"We looked at dozens of camps boasting everything from computers to go-carts but the more we looked the more we were attracted to the sincerity and traditional programs at Woodcraft. When our daughter Eliza sent us her first ecstatic post card describing in vivid detail the wonder and pride she felt after climbing her first mountain, we knew that we had made the right choice."--Ben & Laura Cohen (Syracuse, NY)

"We have had our kids attend Woodcraft each of the last 6 summer and I can honestly say that each year the children we pick up at the end of the summer are significantly more self confident and knowledgeable than the children we dropped off at the start." --Susan & William Gables (New York, NY)


"Such a wonderful camp! Truly special and above and beyond my expectations. Our daughter went for the first time last year and it was delightful to see how much she grew and developed in her time there. Your child will feel that level of attention to detail from activities, councillors, how the camp is organised, and how the campers are cared for - and cared about. Even the food is amazingly fresh and delicious. Our daughter loved her day-long canoe trip and hiking trip so much and felt so great about her accomplishments from going through these experiences." --MB Barber (Hingham, MA)