Woodcraft Ropes Hopes

Jun 03, 2020

Dear Woodcraft Families & Friends,

In response to the generous inquiries we have received about ways to support Woodcraft through these unusual times, we have created an opportunity to do just that. To give you a little back story, please read on. If you’re ready to jump right to details of how you can make a direct impact on the experience of Woodcraft campers with your financial gift, big or small, please skip straight to “Woodcraft Ropes Hopes” below. We have already received gifts from two families so far and their funds will go straight toward realizing this project. We are so grateful, thank you! 

Back Story:

We all have dreams that live in our hearts and minds and when we are able to realize them, it is life-changing. Finding Woodcraft and working to carry on its legacy and mission was a big dream and is a reality we cherish. As the story goes, we fell in love with Woodcraft from the first moment we stepped out of our car and onto magical Adirondack Woodcraft Camps which was then covered in a fresh blanket of snow. We toured around the camp, rosy-cheeked and happy, a family of five (and one big dog) with feelings of hope, excitement, and great anticipation! Our feelings were amplified once we met John and were able to feel the story of Woodcraft and its legacy come to life through the answers to our many questions and the great stories John told us over time and around a number of campfires.  

We feel such gratitude for the incredible chance the Leach family gave us just a few short years ago and it is hard to not feel like we are failing so many right now. We have encountered an unforeseeable hurdle on the journey of realizing our big dream with the inability to operate summer camp for the very first time in Woodcraft history. This has caused a deep void for so many of us, and most notably, for our campers. As mentioned in our previous letter, we are resilient, positive and determined. And we run our books with care just as we run our family and our camp. Nonetheless, our small business has been hurt. As in all difficult situations, there are always silver linings. One that we are especially thankful for over the past week is the rush of heartfelt words of encouragement we have received from Woodcraft alumni, friends, and families. Many have asked us what might be done to offer financial support. While we are not well versed at this, we embrace your kindness without expectation and share the following idea with you: 

Woodcraft Ropes Hopes:

Each summer since we have been here, we have surveyed our campers to find out which activities they love most and which need improvement. This past summer, “Rock and Zip” received the fewest stars. We know from experience that a great ropes course offers opportunities in just the way we look for at camp: building trust, courage, and self-confidence while having a totally fun adventure. We took our campers’ feedback to heart and began plans and work toward a whole new set up. As you can imagine, this plan has come to a full halt. If you would like to support Woodcraft, gifting any amount toward Woodcraft Ropes Hopes will directly impact the experience of our campers and make a huge positive difference in the Adirondack Woodcraft Camps’ program. Small actions + lots of people = big change. If this speaks to you, please consider offering your support in this way. Absolutely any amount is appreciated and please complete this short form so we can connect with you and say thank you. 

Yours in Camping,

Doug & Christina Bartlett


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