Adirondack Woodcraft Summer Camp COVID Procedures

Jun 18, 2021

Dear Parents, 

New York State has changed its guidelines for COVID-19 regulations for children’s camps quite a bit over the last few weeks. It’s been a roller coaster in terms of planning, but good news prevails: New York State has reached a 70% vaccination rate! 

The two most important things to take away in terms of camp are:

  1. Masking is no longer required at camp. We support anyone who would like to continue to wear a mask except in certain situations where wearing a mask is not permitted (sleeping, swimming, etc.)
  2. We feel it is best practice to continue with the below detailed screening and testing protocols to do our very best to create a healthy bubble at Woodcraft.

Your support is what will help us have a safe & successful summer at Woodcraft. Thank you in advance for your attention to detail and for your understanding. We can’t wait to guide your camper on a fun and care-free summer adventure with friends at beautiful Adirondack Woodcraft Camps!

Before Camp

Make sure you are able to present ONE of the following for your camper:

  • Proof of full vaccination (you are fully vaccinated if 14 days have passed since your final vaccine dose) or
  • A negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival to camp or
  • Proof of having had Covid-19 within the last 90 days

Additional Forms Required:

Camp Check In/Check Out

We can’t wait to see you!!


  • Complete and send all forms and payment prior to arrival day.
  • Ensure your camper is in general good health, not just COVID-19 free. If your camper is ill, call the office to arrange for a different arrival day.
  • Perform a lice check prior to arrival. We will perform one upon arrival as well. If your camper has lice, you will need to take them for lice treatment at an outside location. All talk has been about COVID but this is another bug we don’t want to bring to camp!
  • Only bring necessary medication to camp and have all medication ready (not in luggage) and secured in a zip-lock bag with your camper’s name on it. All prescription medication must be in its original container with the camper’s name, physician’s name and prescription on the label. 


Thank you for your understanding and for your patience with the following procedures:

  • If you are an adult who is unvaccinated and are bringing your camper to camp, please wear a mask.
  • Try your best to adhere to the following check-in schedule: Campers born 2009 or older, please arrive between 12-1pm. Campers born 2010 or younger, please arrive between 1-2pm. 
  • A staff member will greet you at your car and perform a quick temperature check to allow visitors and campers to exit their vehicles and help with the move in process.
  • The first check in point is the camp office, next the health center, and finally, your camper’s cabin. Please be mindful of making your arrival trip to camp sweet, but short!

COVID-19 Screening & Testing at Camp

Woodcraft is partnering with QDX Pathology to be able to perform and process COVID-19 PCR tests for our camp community. Parents/Guardians must complete the Consent Forms to allow for COVID-19 testing at camp OR be prepared to pick up their child within 24 hours of onset of symptoms to obtain prompt testing and provide documentation of laboratory results back to the camp. 


We will continue with hand sanitizing before each meal and our staff will monitor for symptoms of any kind of illness, including COVID-19. In addition, we will check temperatures each day at breakfast.


Test #1: Before Camp

All campers who are not fully vaccinated (14 days from their second vaccine dose) must present a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of camp arrival in order to be allowed on camp. Please bring your negative test result to camp with you to have ready to show our staff at check in. Our staff will have already undergone the same procedures during their check in.

Test #2: At Camp

On Tuesday, we will test our entire camp community via PCR tests provided by QDX Pathology. There is no fee for this test. 

Rapid Tests: At Camp

Anyone showing COVID-19 symptoms will be brought to the infirmary for further evaluation and a rapid test. We must have permission to test your child. If we do not have permission, you must be able to pick up your symptomatic child immediately.

If test results are negative, the camper will be able to return to their bunk as long as they are fever and symptom free for 24 hours.

When a Camper Tests Positive

NYDOH is requiring all camps to notify camp families that a parent, guardian, or authorized emergency contact must be available to pick up their camper within 24 hours of positive COVID-19 test results.


If a child tests positive, we will keep the camper safe and comfortable and notify the parents immediately so they can make arrangements for their child to be picked up from camp as soon as possible. We feel that quarantining at camp for 10 days is too challenging for the sick camper and is not in the best interest of our camp community.

When a Cabin Mate Tests Positive:

We will notify the camp community and our local health department. We will immediately create a quarantine family out of the remainder of the child’s cohort and continue to test to ensure a safe community. We will communicate with parents of the quarantined group to keep them informed about their campers’ health and provide as much information as we can to help our camp community feel safe. We cannot disclose names or personal information. 

As always, please reach out to us with any questions at christina(at), doug(at), or by phone at 315-369-6031.

We can’t wait for camp to begin!!! Warmest Wishes,

Doug & Christina Bartlett


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